Let digitization keep you healthy.
The eBook is available in October, 2023. 


Stay and become healthy with digitization!
Digital nutrition, digital exercise, digital sleep - this guidebook conveys in an impressive and easy-to-understand way how digitalization makes us healthy. In around 60 short stories, from babies to after death, the authors take us into the fascinating world of digital health and explain how the smartphone can keep us healthy and make us healthy. The book describes how digitalization is essential for people and their health. The shift in the interface between humans and machines has long since begun. And one person in particular benefits: humans!


This book is dedicated to you, dear reader. Because you have already taken the important step of dealing with the topic of digital health. And you will change healthcare with your everyday decisions when you use digital services. The sum of all our choices will unleash a tremendous force of innovation on the healthcare system. We believe in the swarm intelligence of people, who will revolutionize

healthcare „from the bottom up“, voting with their feet. And likewise, we believe in all healthcare professionals who do not give up continuously working on further transforming analog healthcare. People are waiting and grateful for it, because „The Patient Will See You Now“, in the words of cardiologist and best-selling author Eric Topol. Today we would have to say: „The doctor wants to see your smartphone now!”

Table of Contents

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7 | Foreword 
9 | Dear readers 
10 | Prologue 

13 | Sexuality and birth digital – midwife online 
17 | Digital twins – your avatar in the virtual world 
21 | Symbiosis – man with a machine 
25 | Health – religion and lifestyle 
29 | Digital self-measurement and wearables – my data and me 
34 | The human code – what genes already reveal about us today 
37 | My health data – between protection and pseudo problem 
40 | Googling symptoms – and writing a will 
43 | Health & games – game yourself healthy 
46 | Digital detox – the Bikini principle 
48 | Digital nutrition – first a photo, then lukewarm food 
51 | Exercise digitally – fighting the analog weaker self 
56 | Digital sleep – Are you a lark or an owl? 
59 | From the smart hospital to the smart home
62 | A robot as a roommate – never be alone again
65 | The healthy car – get out healthier 
68 | Smart workplace – digitally cared for at work 
71 | Digital confirmation of incapacity to work – sick note via video chat 
74 | Precise prevention – health is no longer a matter of chance 
77 | Digital Diagnostics – Goodbye Misdiagnoses 
81 | Nanobots – little submarines inside us 
84 | Hacker attacks – when the thieves are already in the front yard 
87 | Booking doctor‘s appointments online – get rid the waiting room 
90 | Digital Doctor’s office– real and virtual 
93 | Online consultation – the doctor in your pocket 
97 | Medical documentation – why your doctor loves to use pen and paper 
101 | Apps on prescription – the new digital pills
104 | Hospital digitally – analog in the past, just like today 
108 | Surgical robot – DaVinci is not an artist 
111 | Rehabilitation digitally – the clipboard must go 
114 | Digital prostheses – envy of super humans 
118 | Health insurance digitally – would you like to track your application? 
121 | Pharmacy digitally – the medicine in the mailbox 
125 | Digital care – how care is becoming more human again 
128 | Nursing robots – myth or milestone? 
132 | Vaccination card digitally – Germany is looking for the yellow booklet 
135 | X-ray images digitally – machines will see more in the future 
138 | Cell phone neck and thumb – new diseases 
141 | Bowel digitally – exploring it with a capsule? 
145 | STIs digitally – first contact with machine 
148 | Skin digitally – patterns on the skin 
151 | Heart digitally – heart monitoring made easy 
154 | Ear digitally – already heard? App against beeping 
157 | Brain digitally – analog brain jogging 
160 | Depression digitally – the digital therapist 
163 | Diabetes digitally – plaster instead of needles 
166 | Cancer digitally – the race to catch up has begun 
169 | Online self-help groups – when experiences of diseases are shared 
172 | Teeth digitally – 3D printing for perfect crowns 
177 | Digital organ donation – spare parts from the printer 
180 | Life-threatening smartphone – the killer in your pocket 
185 | Digital ethics – more questions than answers 
187 | Digital cadavers – about virtual dissecting tables 
190 | Digital death – online cemeteries do not have opening hours 
193 | Eternal life – immortal on an USB stick 

196 | Epilogue


David Matusiewicz

Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz is Dean and Institute Director for Health and Social Services at FOM University - one of the largest universities in Europe. With DXM Group, he invests in exponential technologies in healthcare. He co-founded 10xD, among others, and is also an author, editor, columnist, keynote speaker and healthcare presenter. David Matusiewicz is one of the best-known voices of digital health in Germany.

Jochen A. Werner

Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner, physician, hospital manager and co-founder of the healthcare platform 10xD, is considered one of the pioneers of digitalization in the German healthcare system (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and the best-known critics of medical care (Die Welt). Werner initiated the transformation of Essen University Medical Center into a smart hospital, visible throughout Germany, to make medicine better and more humane. Werner is a member of the Leopoldina.


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